The Journey ~ Abang's 10 Birthday Bash

I must give myself a pat on the back...

I planned and organised this birthday bash with a little help from my love ones for Abang's 10 year old Birthday....It wasn't easy.....but well worth it...and I paid for everything except or the food which was taken care by Abah.

Civil Servant Bunglow : by BIL I
artwork for Invites: SIL kin kin
Goodybag preparation: SIL kin kin
Goodybag stickers: sponsored by Kak Mims UTS
Jellies: half priced 'Mak' Mariah
Brownies: discounted and made with lottsa love by my colleague 'kak Siti'
Soccer cake: Swensons
Decor: done by collegues and girlfriends
Food set up : Mak and MIL
Food prepared by: kak Noraini WJ
Monetary gift for Abang's new bicycle and handphone : Family

Actually, the yearly practice was just a birthday dinner at Swensons...

Hmm ...I did celebrate his birthday with the bigger family when Abang was 1 and 2 years old...after that, I stopped cos I never liked holding birthday parties for the kids....

But since Abang has gone through quite a bit of challenges in his life, and since he has understand the meaning of celebrating, I decided..why for the memories.....

I am glad I did....

Ummi love you Abang... and pray that you will be a pious, responsible and successful Mukmin one day.....

The Watsapp Invite
The sticker for Goodbags sponsored by UTS printing company