~ Sending Mak.....

Mum after her Dialysis session at NKF 
Just Dropped of Mummy for her dialysis session. Time check 6.25 am

It has been my duty to drive Mak for her dialysis session every Monday morning right after Subuh. The dialysis centre is roughly 10 mins drive from home.
Alhamdullilah for the opportunity. I see it as an obligation of a child towards her mother. I usually drop Mak off and while seeing her walk under the blocks, my heart says a prayer for her...while I'm in my car; for Allah to ease Mak's life and grant her good health and happiness.

Then I drive off.... Tawakkal to Allah SWT to take care of Mak for me....

HE is the best Protector.

Mak is strong.... On Wednesdays and Fridays Morning.... I'd call GRAB taxi to fetch her at her place and send her to the centre. Time will be around 6.15am. Mak obviously is a brave granny! To take a taxi in the wee hours alone. Masya'Allah.

I pray, that she will end her life, a good way with Husnul Khotima, considering the sadness that she has faced towards her old age.
I PRAY my children will learn from this example and take care of me and hubby the way we take care of Mak. 


Hajar Alwi said…
Ameen. May Allah reward you well for your efforts sis. :)
Ummi Sha said…
Ameen. Insya'Allah....my hopes are my children will take care of me when they see me taking care of my mother. : )