~ A real Ummi

A Real Ummi…

Emotional, Yet the Rock
Tired, but keeps on going
Worries but full of Hope
Impatient, yet Patient
Overwhelmed but never quits
Amazing even when doubted
Wonderful, even in chaos
Life Changer, every single day

 I read the above somewhere and could not agree more.
I tend to be the rock in my family, the scheduler, the one who plots our activities and plans our errands.
I instruct, I remind, I activate.
I give my opinions, I love, I scold….I am basically a spider with eight legs juggling everything from what food to eat to what to do during our free time…
I often think what would happen to the kids, if I am no longer around. How will they survive without me..without my love and opinions?
I know, that question itself is already wrong. For there is another that is way more organized.. more loving.. more firm and powerful than me.
I leave my worries in HIS hands.
Allah HU Rabbi.