~ Spine Infection...

Everytime mum goes into hospital,
My life will go topsy turvy
For a start, the hospital is not near home, from Tampines to Outram is quite a journey.
The journey itself is tiring as the walk to the hospital blocks are a challenge when going with kids.
To Drive there also takes effort.
Not having time on my side also drains me and I have to juggle a full time career, kids schoolwork/tuition and time for visiting mum and speaking to the drs all at once.

you feel me?

We took mum out from CGH after a minor commotion at the ward when Mas went against the Drs advise to get mum out. Her fever was down but the scans showed something unusual.
I will be sending mum to SGH later tonight... maybe ard 3 am to beat the A&E crowd
We have to get Mum warded there instead. The DRs at SGH seems more knowledgeable and sure, thus leaving us feeling at ease.

CT scan showed some pus on the bottom of her spine....causing the excruciating pain that mum have been putting up with lately. We had thought that the pain was due to her kidneys since she is a kidney failure patient.

The MRI scan showed no infection on the nerves but there is spine infection. Spine Infection if not treated can cause paralysis and mum won’t be able to control her bowels ( I think this is the worst case scenario)

CGH wanted to do more test and trials in which we were afraid that cost could go up and up and up. We also felt if there was any test to be done, it would have been better to do it at SGH where her renals Drs were at.

As it is, mum is not covered by any insurance, except for Medishield Life which the govt has kindly gives us.

The Drs at CGH said this will not be a short admission.... we have to be mentally, physically,emotionally prepared. 

Seriously, I am worried.