Memoirs of the Good Wife ~ If Tomorrow never comes,

Most of times, I find myself looking in, 
your eyes, they are not meant for me anymore
sometimes, I pray that you stay your old true self,
and not evolve into a man, i can barely recognise 

I felt I had to let go at times, 
sacrifice myself for your love, even if it bleeds
but i dont have the courage to live this life without you. 
to do everything alone, without you by my side

I wait outside hoping, looking in
tears in my eyes, knowing I am not the one you heart yearns for
cos I am not wanted anymore
I am not the one you miss anymore. 

she is all you see
the loves songs are for her
I am just no one, gone in the wind
memories lost....just like that

for 12 years, you held me close, 
we did most things together, 
I was your happiness, you were my love
do you think this is what I deserve?

the danger was I loved you too much
you used to say I love you to me
You used to tell me you missed me 
All this is lost, suddenly...

If tomorrow never comes, do you know how much I love you
Did I try in every way to show you, that you were the only one? 
Has time run out? 
Will you ever take my breath away again?

Will you hold me like you once did? 
Will you call me to tell me all about your day
will our love ever come back?
Will you remember me when you are alone?

The heart breaks every day
hoping one day, you will decide to stay
and her memories you will trow away
as for now, I will continue to pray.