Memoirs of the Good Wife ~ In Laws and Hearts broken

Its been 5 days since her dad said he made a police report against me for Harassment. I don’t know which part was harassment as it was family affairs and all this while in my 5 attempts to contact her, I had been very polite and full of adab.

I also don’t know if he was just threatening me so I would stop texting him. He didn’t want his daughter to be blamed in all of this. I understand.  

Never once had I hurled any vulgarities to them. That is not me. But of course I was getting paranoid. I don't know what was happening as you never reassure me. 

The emotional turmoil of what her dad said in his last text was so great, I could not eat and in this spate of 5 days, I lost 2.5 KG.
What he said about me and us were totally not true. 

I had also deleted whatever information I had of her from my phone and her dad’s contact number. I don’t want to remember them anymore.

I had also deleted all my Memoirs of a Good Wife series relating to this incident cos I was too afraid it was deemed as slandering. But looking back, the things I wrote only reflected my feelings and no names were mentioned.

I had to go clean to my hubby of what I have found out and what I had done, trying to contact her. Needless to say, he was furious and disappointed.
I had to tell our parents what was happening and this is my marriage I needed to save. More than ever.

My inlaws surprisingly backed me up and was so worried for me. MIL and PIL sat down and spoke to him. The next day they came over and spoke to us. MIL felt my pain. Even she as a 64 year old wife, cannot accept polygamy.

They wanted you to change and stop all this nonsense and to take care of the family.

You promised dear you won’t proceed with your plans. We hugged and seek forgiveness to each other.

After your parents left, I could sense you were disappointed. You said only Time will Tell…

This was hurting both of us… me, not wanting to lose you, the man that I loved or the past 12 years and you, thinking of old memories with her. 

To be continued.